How do you get fast, professional analysis on your venue’s service capabilities, value for money, product quality and more?

Allow Me, to get our briefed and trained mystery diners into your venue today.

Our Story

We started Allow Me because of our experience in the hospitality industry. Collectively, we've racked up over 20 years in all kinds of positions from owners to kitchen porters. We've worked in pubs, cafes, restaurants & pop-ups across the country and the world, and one thing we both noticed was that it was near on impossible to gain instant, intelligent & useful feedback about the areas of a business that matters to your customers. Perhaps, more importantly, the areas that keep customers coming back such as product, service, quality & value for money.

We're here to change the status quo. We want to help business owners realise their weaknesses and improve on them, in an efficient & cost effective manner.

Matt & Nick.

Our Partnership

Let's face it, eating awesome food, drinking mind-blowing cocktails and sharing memorable days, mornings & nights with your friends is an amazing luxury to have. But not everyone is that fortunate, so when you work with us you're also working to help those who aren't in a position to share that experience. Each mystery dining package we sell, 5% percent of the profit is going to our friends at the national Food Bank organisation. Food Bank support over 2,400 charities and 1,500 Schools in an effort to solve our national hunger issues for the disadvantaged.

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Our Suppoorters

"The secret to success in the pub game is really no secret at all. It’s all about meeting your customer’s needs and expectations (perhaps even going above and beyond!) Allow Me is a fantastic product that allows you to drill down into what it is that attracts your customers, keeps them their longer and encourages repeat visitation – all the vital ingredients to a successful hospitality business."

Australian Hotels Association - Victoria

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